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Five-Year Rule Review


In accordance with the five-year rule review requirement of section 106.03 of the Revised Code, over the past year, the Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Release Compensation Board’s Rules Committee, industry representatives, agency stakeholders and agency staff met and reviewed the Board’s rules to determine whether to continue without change, amend, or rescind its rules.


Listed below are the rules that were reviewed as part of this five-year rule review process. Rules that were identified as having an adverse impact on businesses (as defined in section 107.52 of the Revised Code) include a link to the Business Impact Analysis (BIA).


If you wish to comment on the proposed rules and/or the BIA, please email this office at rules@petroboard.org.

O.A.C. Rule Action Section Subject  
3737-1-01 (Amend) Notice of administrative rules hearing.  
3737-1-02 (Amend) Public meeting.  
3737-1-03 (Amend) Definitions.  
3737-1-04 (Amend) Annual petroleum underground storage tank financial assurance fee, certification of compliance and financial responsibility. BIA
3737-1-04.1 (No Change) Coverage reinstatement. BIA
3737-1-04.2 (Rescind) Baseline environmental site assessment. BIA
3737-1-05 (No Change) Supplemental petroleum underground storage tank financial assurance fee. BIA
3737-1-06 (No Change) The deductible and reduced deductible. BIA
3737-1-07 (Amend) Establishing fund eligibility for corrective action costs. BIA
3737-1-08 (Amend) Disbursement of the financial assurance fund.  
3737-1-09 (Amend) Limitations of fund coverage. BIA
3737-1-09.1 (Amend) Inclusions of fund coverage.  
3737-1-10 (No Change) Financial audits. BIA
3737-1-11 (No Change) Technical audits. BIA
3737-1-12 (Amend) Application for reimbursement. BIA
3737-1-12.1 (Amend) Mandatory and voluntary pre-approval of corrective action costs. BIA
3737-1-13 (No Change) Reimbursement application review. BIA
3737-1-15 (Amend) Modifying the deductible or the reduced deductible. BIA
3737-1-16 (Amend) Third party claims. BIA
3737-1-17 (No Change) Petroleum underground storage tank linked deposit program.  
3737-1-18 (Amend) Certificate of coverage.  
3737-1-19 (Amend) Establishing fund eligibility for third party claims. BIA
3737-1-20 (No Change) Fees for materials and services. BIA
3737-1-21 (No Change) Obligated account.  
3737-1-22 (No Change) Subrogation. BIA
3737-1-23 (No Change) Access and maintenance of confidential personal information.  



Public Hearing


There will be a public hearing at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, January 8, 2020, in the Board’s office located at 4151 Executive Parkway, Suite 350, Westerville, OH  43081 for the purpose of soliciting comments on the proposed rule actions resulting from the five-year review of the Board’s rules. All interested persons will be given an opportunity to be heard at the public hearing.


Any person may direct written comments or requests for information concerning the proposed amendments to Jonathan Maneval, Executive Assistant, or by emailing rules@petroboard.org.


Comments on the proposed rules will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, January 7, 2020.



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