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Key Claim Filing Information


The following information has been communicated by listserv to contractors and environmental consulting firms that perform corrective action work for accidental releases of petroleum from underground storage tanks. To be added to the email list to receive information concerning claim filing, please email info@petroboard.org or call 800-224-4659.


Late-filed Costs Not Attributed to the Deductible

(Issued May 26, 2021)


Pursuant to Ohio Administrative Code (O.A.C.) 3737-1-08, Disbursement of the Fund, costs determined to be non-reimbursable shall not be applied toward the deductible. Costs for corrective action not timely submitted in an application for reimbursement are not reimbursable. Accordingly, disallowed late-filed costs cannot be attributed to the deductible. A guide to the claim filing deadlines is available by clicking here.



Proof of Payment Until the Deductible is Met

(Issued May 5, 2021)


Until the Board determines the deductible has been satisfied, acceptable forms of proof of payment include copies of the front and back of canceled checks or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) documentation. When a claim application includes any costs that may be attributed toward the deductible, proof of payment records are required to be provided for all costs claimed in that application. Claim payment cannot be authorized for full or partial direct payment to a consultant or other party until the Board determines the deductible has been met.


Meal Receipts

(Issued April 21, 2021)

The Board requires the submission of receipts to document all per diem for travel costs, including meal and incidental costs. As always, per diem costs are only reimbursable when associated with a documented overnight stay and are limited to the amount established by the General Services Administration for the time period during which the travel occurred. A breakdown of the General Services Administration’s maximum allowable meal and incidental expenses is available at www.gsa.gov/travel/plan-book/per-diem-rates/mie-breakdown.

Clarification of Allowable Markup

(Issued April 7, 2021)

Effective July 1, 2020, portions of the Ohio Administrative Code (O.A.C.) regarding allowable markup on necessary costs for corrective action changed. O.A.C. 3737-1-09 (A)(17), Limitations of Fund Coverage, was amended to clarify that markup on charges for utilities and costs for transportation of soil and backfill materials are not reimbursable. O.A.C. 3737-1-09.1 (A)(1), Inclusions of Fund Coverage, was amended to clarify that up to a 10% markup is allowed on costs for subcontractor drilling services and utility locating services. In addition, effective July 1, 2020, up to a 10% markup is allowed on subcontractor charges for soil excavation services and vacuum truck services. As always, markup on inseparable lump sum costs which include any of the items outlined in O.A.C. 3737-1-09 (A)(17) is not reimbursable; and only usual, customary and reasonable costs (including markup) can be allowed. For more information, please refer to the full text of O.A.C. 3737-1-09 and 3737-1-09.1.

Filing Deadlines

(Issued March 30, 2021)


Pursuant to Ohio Administrative Code (O.A.C.) 3737-1-12, a Claim Reimbursement Application for costs incurred in conducting corrective action is required to be filed with the Board’s office within one year from the completion of a program task as described in the rule. In general, the completion date is the date the associated program task report is required to be submitted to the fire marshal as set forth in O.A.C. 1301:7-9-13. Program task completion dates specified in correspondence issued by the fire marshal’s office do not act to shorten or extend the deadline for filing a claim application, unless the fire marshal has approved a timely filed written request for an extension of time to complete the program task. O.A.C. 3737-1-12(A) prohibits the reimbursement of costs associated with a program task that are not timely submitted in a claim application. A guide to the claim filing deadlines is available by clicking here.

Incomplete Applications

(Issued February 22, 2021)


In recent months, the Board has seen a significant increase in the number of incomplete Claim Reimbursement Applications being submitted. Historically, the Board’s staff has generally performed a cursory review of a claim application and requested missing proof of payment, signatures, forms, invoices, etc. within three business days of receipt of the claim application. However, effective February 22, 2021, the receipt of an incomplete claim application is recorded in the Board’s database and the preparer is responsible for submitting all additional information required to complete the claim application.  If, after 30 days, the additional documentation required to complete the claim application has not been received, as time permits, the Board’s staff will issue an email to the responsible person and/or the consultant requesting the required additional information.  Claim applications are placed into the queue for review and settlement as of the date the application is determined to be complete.


Hard Copy Applications Required

(Issued August 18, 2020)


The Board requires the submission of all applications for eligibility, cost pre-approval, and claim reimbursement to be in hard copy format, regardless of whether the application is also submitted by email. For security, emails with large attachments are subject to rejection; if rejected, the date the email was attempted to be sent will not be accepted as the date of submission.


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